Ed and Bob Show – Feb 7th, 2019

On this Ed and Bob Show the former Knox County Commissioners ask you “Now that the State of Union is delivered, how concerned should the average person be about national politics?” Plus Ed asks Bob about rumors that he is going to run for Knoxville City Council. Who do you think is the most popular singer in the last 50 years? And do you remember “cruising” on the weekends? What were your favorite places? Leave your comments here or at EdandBob@yahoo.com.

3 thoughts on “Ed and Bob Show – Feb 7th, 2019”

  1. Re: USPS price increases

    Bob, I can’t believe I am defending the Post Office but here goes.

    At one time I worked for a delivery company that primary color is brown. I am familiar with the financial side of a regional UPS operation.

    Package delivery in this country has an ever evolving history. From Wells Fargo to Railway Express Agency, the Post Office with Free Rural Delivery (RFD) brought in a new era of catalog sales. Today an internet economy had sent time “Back to the Future.”

    UPS replaced REA. Roadway Trucking began RPS and became FedEx Ground. Now Amazon is aquiring fleets and building distribution centers and with in the next year you are going to see Amazon delivery trucks.

    The post office has problems that even Marvin Ruyon couldn’t fix although Congress has worked on them. They do have a actually provide an efficient and economical service with very competitive rates. Private companies raise rates but do not require and act of Congress to do so. The Postal Service cost the US taxpayers very little in the scheme of things and EVERYONE benefits from it.

    That said, Trump feels, (and I concur) Amazon does have a sweetheart deal with the post office and Sunday delivery is nonsensical.

    The post office should be viewed as like infrastructure or military spending. It’s part of the cost of doing business in an evolving world. The USPS actually will help keep private carrier cost in check.

    So Bob, leave Ed’s mailman alone and back off TVA privatisation. We have benefited by it.

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