Ed and Bob Show – May 21st, 2019

On this episode of the Ed and Bob Show the former Knox County Commissioners discuss the over-prescribing of opioids in Tennessee. 107 prescriptions for every 100 people! Plus are Unions still a factor? Why was Norris Freeway built? What’s all the zinc mined in Mascot used for? Easily listen on ITunes, Apple Podcasts or on Alexa with TuneIn. Leave comments or inquire about advertising below or by email at EdandBob@yahoo.com.

2 thoughts on “Ed and Bob Show – May 21st, 2019”

  1. The left moving Democrats is a reaction to the Republican Party moving right. Not all Dems are radical leftists, most are not. The people most active in both parties are often out of sinc with the rest of the nation. I thought the “killing babies” was an extreme statement and so is the lack of legal abortions in case of rape and incest. Both parties are moving further and further into the extremes and that’s so sad. Maybe sometime you’ll talk about the fact that most people are int he middle and fell left out of both parties. Hey, I’ll keep listening because I like both of you guys. Don’t mention my comments, you know I will not express an opinion in public, that for me would be unprofessional.

    1. I am sure not all Nazis were extreme antisemites. The problem is you can’t just sit on the sidelines and say, I am not like them.

      We now have those who “champion” reproductive rights that claim the term “pro-life” is offensive. The problem, there’s nothing “reproductive” in termination of a pregnancy. ​

      Joe Biden says, “Trump heads the party of division, my party has ALWAYS been the party of unity.” The problem, Democrats are the party who esteemed slavery, segregation and Jim Crow. ​

      I know now all Democrats aren’t like that. I don’t understand how they sit on the sidelines and cheer. It seems reasonable they would fight for change unless they’re really in agreement. ​

      So, there are those offended by someone calling abortion murder, but they don’t consider themselves extremist? They don’t want to be” numbered with the transgressors,” but they identify with their values. ​

      Ed’s comment on “killing babies” was properly in context and referring in part to the comments made by the governor of Virginia on the subject of “post-term abortion.” ​

      Gov. Northam is a pediatric neurosurgeon. He has spent most of his life helping children, but because of his political party identification, he advocates abortion on demand whenever. His comments have made him appear to champion infanticide. I am sure the governor doesn’t see himself an extremist either. ​

      Margaret Sanger has been called the mother of birth control, abortion, and Planned Parenthood. She also championed selective breeding to control or eliminate lesser races. Hmm, but she probably wasn’t a Nazi either, but Hitler identified with her ideology. Hillary Clinton did too. ​

      Hillary Clinton said, “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision..” Did the Democrats say she went too far? No, she was the “most qualified candidate for president in history.” Who cares if she championed someone who said, “The burden of supporting these unwanted types has to be borne by the healthy elements of the nation. Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilization are diverted to the maintenance of those who should never have been born.”​

      Sorry if the term “killing babies” offends you. The act of “killing babies” offends me.​

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