The Ed and Bob Show – Oct 24th, 2018

Here’s the latest Ed and Bob Show podcast! The former At-Large Commissioners talk about their old stomping ground – Knox County Commission! Plus… what about the immigrant caravan headed to the U.S.?; then the Mayor, the Law Director & the Charter – which one rules Knox County?;  What’s going to happen to the old Regal campus in Halls? and What would Ed and Bob have done different with their lives? Catch it all right here!

4 thoughts on “The Ed and Bob Show – Oct 24th, 2018”

  1. Ed, I cannot believe I’m gonna say this…
    You’re wrong!!! Butch Jones’s contract was bought out by UT. It wasn’t Butch saying ,”I’m leaving”. It was UT saying, “Bye, bye!”. So you cannot blame Butch Jones for getting the $$$ from UT. Please place that responsibility where it belongs. …on UT Athletics and the contracts they give out to the coaches.
    Thank you!

  2. About the Alabama vid UT game! I think it’s a fun tradition even though UT will lose. I know that I enjoy getting to come home for the game and see my family and friends as well as go to Tuscaloosa! UT fans know the might not win but it seems that they enjoy the tradition as well.
    For the next segment when talking about the sucide in local schools, maybe provide some resources for the students as well as the parents to help recognize traits in their children. Also another interesting topic is drug abuse in the county as well as in the schools. Maybe ways to prevent that for the parents and resources for the students to reach out to. In the county I work for we have a program called compact 20/20 that works with the community and schools for awareness on drug abuse!

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