Ed and Bob – Sept 13, 2018

Ed and Bob are back! Well…sort of…this is the first of a few or many podcasts. This episode we talk Trump, politics in church, what’s up with traffic in Knox County and an explanation of what to expect in the future. Join us and leave your comments or questions. We will address them on the next episode.

11 thoughts on “Ed and Bob – Sept 13, 2018”

  1. I don’t know what a podcast is either…but I like it! Great to hear the intro and Ed and Bob too. I will be a regular listener. Need an ad salesman?

  2. podcast comes from “ipod” which was the first device that played them. I think originally, you could download “podcasts” straight to your ipod from iTunes.

  3. I enjoyed our podcast so much! It brought back GREAT MEMORIES from 4 years ago. Looking forward to the next one and yes, I would also like to hear about Bob’s journey while running for mayor.

  4. I hate driving on Cedar Bluff road when Cedar Bluff School is about to let out. The parents that are picking up their children are using the right lane of Cedar Bluff road as a pick up lane…..so you have to get in the left lane to go down Cedar Bluff road which makes it one lane traffic. Comments.

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