Ed and Bob – Sept 21, 2018

You wondered if it would really happen…YES! There is a second podcast from Ed and Bob. This time they look at several topics…the Kavanaugh confirmation, Randy Boyd UT Prez?, predictions on Tennessee elections for Governor, Senate and 2nd District, answer listener questions and more! Please tell your friends and leave your comments! Contact Ed and Bob at EdandBob@Yahoo.com.

Podcast #2 is underway!

15 thoughts on “Ed and Bob – Sept 21, 2018”

        1. Thank you for your support. Everyone of our supporters worked so hard. Forty-five years of community involvement just wasn’t enough. We are in strange political waters these days. – Bob

  1. 10% interesting thanks for the podcast I used to listen to you all while doing the morning milking . We really missed the program

  2. 10%. And 100% happy you two are back, bringing back your well-known humor, smarts and class to us eager listeners! Can’t wait for more!
    – Trish from Maryville (formerly Fairfield Glade)

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