Ed and Bob Show – Oct 1st,2018

The Ed and Bob Show podcast # 3 is here! Join Ed Brantley & Bob Thomas as they talk about the Supreme Court nominee fracas…City of Knoxville politics…are there ten possible mayoral candidates including a former President & CEO of a worldwide company?…and could there be ANOTHER city tax increase? Leave your comments or email Ed and Bob at EdandBob@yahoo.com.

8 thoughts on “Ed and Bob Show – Oct 1st,2018”

  1. Firsst time I’ve caught the show, so glad to see you two back with a program. Also glad to here you have some sponsorship. Sent Bob a separate note, not a correction, just a clarification. Keep it up, guys. Well done.

  2. Man I love listening to you guys, it’s fun and informative and this Nashville/Hendersonville guy loves my ktown pros!

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